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Safety Program for SARS - CoV2

Please read prior to Arrival

Angela Suites Boutique Hotel is applying a strict hygiene and health program according to the Greek Tourism Ministry’s hygiene protocols. This is to ensure the health and safety of its guests and employees.
Angela Suites Boutique Hotel has adjusted its policies and procedures to maintain a safe and relaxing environment for its guests.

Management & Employees

Management supervises and coordinates the health and safety program. All heads of departments have received intensive and detailed training on the Health & Safety Disinfection Protocols from certified bodies.
All employees have been trained in COVID-19 hygiene protocols.
In terms of social responsibility, daily temperature checks of staff are carried out.
All employees have been given clear instructions on the immediate response and reporting of all COVID-19 cases. Staff will remain at home in case of illness or if they have any COVID-19 symptoms. Also, staff will be using all means of protection as per instructions of the Greek National Public Health Organisation.

Testing employees

All hotel employees have been vaccinated. They also undergo regular tests using a Rapid Antigen diagnostic test.
Plexiglass has been placed at the reception desk. Stickers have been applied to the floor and the reception area. The Lobby area has been arranged to ensure social distancing.

All common areas, as well as the rooms are thoroughly disinfected. A cleaning and disinfection program is maintained. Sanitiser devices have been installed at all entrances and exits of the hotel, as well as in all public areas.
The company keeps a record of the staff members and all visitors who stayed in the accommodation, so that it is possible to inform the close contacts of any COVID-19 case, which may be identified afterwards.

Particular attention is paid to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all visitors are informed that the file is kept solely for public health reasons.
Arrival - Departure
Check in / check out is done electronically and through the hotel's website
Check out 11:00 & Check in 15:00
This is to ensure sufficient time for cleaning and disinfection as well as natural ventilation of the rooms for new guests.
The cards / keys are disinfected and given to the guests upon arrival. While on departure the cards / keys are left in a special box for disinfection placed in reception front desk.
There is a QR app available for the hotel & the rooms’ digital catalog. This can be used on a laptop/tablet device or mobile phone to minimise contact with Staff.
Entry and Departure Requirements
Rapid & PCR testing

Our Hotel cooperates with Cretan Medicare Clinic which is located also in Sissi, in a very short distance, at about 200m, from the hotel. The cost of the rapid test is 15€ per person and the cost of PCR test is 55€ per person.

Please see here further details and all recent updates from the official Greek government site
Payments are recommended a day or a few hours before departure by credit or debit cards.
Hotel Residents
For information of our customers, posters have been put up around the hotel with the Hotel Hygiene and safety program, as per the instructions of the Greek National Public Health Organisation. These include the following:

Hand washing
Regular and thorough hand washing with soap and water before and after any contact with any surface.

Maintaining physical social distance
Safe social distancing: customers must maintain a physical distance of at least 2 meters from other customers and hotel staff when standing at the reception, elevators and generally in all common areas of the hotel.
It is recommended that customers avoid using the elevator. If the elevator is required, its use will be allowed by the visitors of a single room or a family living together. The disinfection of the elevator button panel is carried out regularly. The instructions for using an elevator and using a hand sanitizer before entering and exiting must be strictly followed.
Medical Kit
A medical kit is available according to the instructions of the Greek National Public Health Organisation. This is kept in the Front Office/reception desk of the hotel. The kit contains disinfectant, face / eye mask, gloves, protective apron, long-sleeved waterproof apron and garbage bag of potentially contaminants.
Medical Assistance
There is a doctor always available on call and a hospital is located 7km away from the hotel.
Guest Rooms
Cleaning and disinfection standards are applied to guest’s rooms, according to the protocols of the Greek National Public Health Organization.
Particular attention is paid to high-traffic objects and surfaces, such as switches, telephones and remote controls.
Shared items such as room directory & menus are not available in the rooms.
Cleaning and disinfection of clothing is done by an external laundry partner.
Mini Bars
The Mini Bars of the rooms will be turned on but will not be replenished due to public health reasons. However, guests will be able to order required products upon arrival, or throughout their stay by phone/room service.
Remote controls are disinfected and wrapped with a disposable cover before arrival.
Air Conditioning
The air conditioning systems are inspected by engineers, disinfected and cleaned according to the requirements of Greek Legislation at each departure / arrival.
Restaurants & Bars
Vassilikos Restaurant
The restaurant of the hotel is located indoors with natural ventilation 24 hours as well as outdoors.
The hotel maintains HACCP & ISO 22000 for the preparation and distribution of meals. 
The table seats are arranged as per the social distancing instructions of the Greek legislation. It is recommended for guests to use the same table throughout their stay, if possible.
Breakfast meal is served on buffet style and dinner at the restaurant served  a-la carte. The menus are made of a material that can be disinfected after each use. Restaurant boards and strollers are disinfected after each shift.
All cleaning products are approved by the Greek Pharmaceutical organisation and staff have been trained in their proper use.
Staff always use protective material during work.

Aqua Bar
The tables / stools and the seats are designed in such a way that the space meets the instructions of Greek legislation.
Hotel Premises
High traffic surfaces that are frequently touched upon, both indoors and outdoors, are regularly disinfected. Air conditioning is not used in common areas of the hotel, windows and doors remain open for continuous renewal of fresh air.
It is strongly recommended that all guests use only the WC/toilet of their room. However, in case of using a public toilet, please always close the toilet lid before flashing the toilet.
Swimming Pools
The operation of the swimming pool follows the respective health protocols. Sunbeds are disinfected after each use.
There is a maximum number of swimmers who can use the respective pools at the same time. There are signs with relevant information at each pool.
A set of two sunbeds and an umbrella will be placed 2 meters away (in all directions) from other sets and cannot be moved to another location.

Each set of sun loungers and umbrellas will be numbered.
Guests pool towels are provided and located in the rooms upon arrival.
It is recommended that all guests take a shower and use soap / shower gel before and after using each pool.
Other Hotel Services

The area where the gym, sauna and beauty salon is operating according health and safety standards of protocol covid-19.
The venue of the conference events will operate in accordance with the legal requirements for the observance of social distancing....
Safety Hotel Program can be changed according to current situations.

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